CMS Mobile Viewer_6271

CMS Mobile Viewer_6271 DVR Qpix


  • Users can hear the audio of 1-channel in live and playback mode
  • Users are able to control PTZ with Android Phone
  • 16 channel multi view is available for CIF resolution
  • Users can adjust the speed of playback from x1 to x 64 or extreme
  • Users are able to search the recorded data in the mobile CMS program
  • Touch sides and corners of the screen to change the direction as user want
  • Specification

    Brand Model CMS Mobile Viewer_6271
    Playback Controls Play - begins or resumes playback
    Pause - interrupts playback until play button is pressed
    Stop - ends playback
    Fast Forward - controls playback speed; 1/4X, 1/2X, 2x, 4x
    Next Frame - After pausing video, switch to single screen view and then press Next Frame to resume playback one frame at a time
    Snapshot Take up to 10 still images from selected camera (highlighted in red). Operates exactly as the Snapshot feature in Live View described on Page 18 of this manual
    Display Mode Choose the number of cameras you wish to view at once
    Backup Stamps Allow you to select a segment of a video recording to save to backup.
    Start - Sets the beginning of the segment
    End - Sets the endpoint of the video segment
    Erase - Deletes the beginning or endpoint.
    Backup - Saves the video segment to a computer drive
    Playback Timeline Shows the time and duration of video records. It is divided into 24-hour segments
    Playback Progress Bar Shows the progress through the video playback. It can be clicked and dragged to a specific place on the timeline.
    Clicking on the bar will show the precise time of its current location.
    Right-clicking on the triangle at the top of the bar will change the scale of the timeline to show segments of an hour

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