EDB-D5C-TC Access Control Door Access systems


  • Lock when energized, with magnetic induction
  • Door Status Signal NC Output
  • Lock Status LED Indicator
  • Time Delay Feature - 0/3/6/9 seconds
  • Single Voltage - 12Vdc
  • Specification

    Brand Model EDB-D5C-TC
    Lock Size 200(L) x 35(W) x 38(H) mm
    Strike plate size 100(L) x 30(W) x 20(H)
    Lock tongue size 15 x 15 mm
    Input voltage 12 VDC
    Starting Current 650 mA
    Standby Current 250 mA
    Low current draw 4.5 W
    Working Temperature -20 ~ 55°C
    Application Suitable for all kind of doors with frame and 90/180 degree to open doors

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