Inbio-460 Access Control Door Access systems


  • 32 bit MIPS CPU
  • Communication with RS485, TCP/IP
  • Specification

    Brand Model Inbio-460
    CPU 32 bit MIPS CPU
    RAM 32 MB
    Flash Memory 128 MB
    Fingerprint capacity 3,000
    Card capacity 30,000
    Even Buffer 1,00,000
    Power DC 9.6V-14.4V, Rated Max, 1A
    Reader Port 4ea 26/34bit Wiegand, 4/8 bit for PIN
    Communication RS485, TCP/IP
    Baud rate 3,84,000bps (Recommended) / 9,600bps, 19,200bps, 57,600bps (selectable)
    Input Port 8ea (Exit Button#1 to 4, Door Sensor#1 to 4)
    Output Port 4ea(4FORM-C Relay Output) , 4ea(4Aux FORM-C Relay Output)
    Operating temperature 0°C to +55°C
    Operating Humidity 10% - 80% RH non condensing
    Dimensions Metal Cabinet(W x H x D ) 400 x 330 x 90.5 mm
    Dimensions Single board(W x H) 226 x 106 x 36 mm

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