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Biometrics systems work by recording and comparing biometric characteristics. In many cases, characteristics are recorded as images, but for speaker recognition a waveform is recorded, and for signature recognition, time series data. For efficiency reasons, rather than using recorded characteristics directly, it is usual to extract identifying features from the samples and encode these features in a form that facilitates storage and comparison.

The Biometrics technologies used to measure and analyze personal characteristics, both physiological and behavioral. The best-known use of biometrics for identification is in fingerprinting; other examples include iris scanning and face recognition systems. Because the traits measured by biometrics are unique to each individual, security is far greater than is possible with other systems. In addition, modern technology enables the capturing of biometric information quickly and unobtrusively.

When an individual first uses a biometric system, their identifying features are enrolled as a reference for future comparison. This reference may be stored in a central database or on a card (or both) depending on the needs of the application.

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When biometric recognition is required, the individual 's biometric characteristics are recorded again. This time however, the identifying features are compared by the system with the stored reference to determine if there is a close match.

There are two modes for biometric recognition: verification and identification. In verification, an identity is claimed and the comparison process is limited to checking the reference corresponding to this identity. In identification, no claim of identity is necessary and the system searches its reference database to find if a stored reference matches the biometric characteristics recorded.

Biometrics attendance system used to track each and every person coming to your place is actually who he claims to be or not with its time and other details. It uses finger or face or iris recognition system to verify person's identity and record its time-in and time-out with all required details.

Finger print recognition technology is a step towards providing foolproof security by ensuring that the employee is personally present to mark the attendance. It is thus considered as far superior, most reliable technology and an ultimate solution for the long pinching problem of proxy punching.