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A unique feature of the ASI proximity card reader product line is that the card readers are compatible with both passive and active tags. This allows a mixing of different cards and tags to achieve desired read ranges in different locations without having to install a second card reader or carry two tags. These readers feature a cosmetically appealing design that will blend with any architectural design and offer high durability and reliability.

An ID card or badge is an integral part of any access control system. Access control ID cards and badges include special card technology that allows their use in an access control system. Our selection of access control cards includes proximity tags, contactless smart keys, and graphic quality PVC cards with embedded contactless proximity chips.

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AVI (or Automated Vehicle ID) systems operate in the same manner as proximity card systems, but with longer ranges. A typical AVI?system places a tag on the vehicle, rather than having the user carry it. In this manner, a gate system will open automatically as the vehicle approaches with a properly credentialed tag. This provides convenience and is ideal in applications where only authorized vehicles are allowed entry.

Proximity Cards and Credentials use contactless integrated circuit technology to transmit security data or payment information from a distance - without card swiping - yet remain totally secure!The beauty of these proximity cards and keyfobs is the way they seamlessly integrate with your card printing and prox systems. ASI offers competitive pricing, including bundle discounts and a price match guarantee.

Organizations around the world are taking advantage of Access Control and Proximity Card technology for applications ranging from timekeeping to cafeteria uses. ID Card Group has Proximity Cards and Access Control Cards that offer an array of programming options ranging from sequential numbering to select starting numbers. Call one of our knowledgeable sales staff at 999-412-6666 for more information about the benefits that smart card technology can have on your in-house security and point-of-sale processes. Order today – ask about our price match guarantee!