Closed Circuit Television


Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point wireless links. CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores.

CCTV Camera
- The clarity of the images on CCTV cameras depends to great degree on the number of TV Lines (TVL) the camera produces. As a general rule, the more TV L the better the image. Cameras with 520 TVL will produce better images than those with 420 TVL.

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- All CCTV cameras require an optical lens. The job of the lens is to limit and focus light onto the image sensor of the cctv camera. A lens can also automatically control the amount of light that reaches the imaging sensor, these lenses are referred to as Auto Iris (AI) lenses and are generally used outdoors where the light changes constantly during the day, at night and also in varying weather conditions.

CCTV Dome Camera
– Dome CCTV Camera" is a perfect camera choice. Easy to install and very small this completely enclosed camera can be used in Hotels, public areas and in retail operations that demand minimal aesthetic intrusion. It was used in Interior circumstance with sufficient light areas it can be clearly view upto 15 feet you can identify the person with clear view in that location.

CCTV C Mount Camera
- The advantage to a cctv c-mount camera is that the lens can be changed. If you need to see further than 35 or 40 ft then you'll need a c-mount camera with a special lens. An example of where you might use a fixed 4mm lens is in a small office, or at home to focus on your driveway. A higher millimeter lens will provide further distance, but narrows the field of view.

CCTV IR Camera
– Used For 24 Hours Day and Night Surveillance To view or record clearly in the minimum light we are recommending this camera for scattered light places like factories. The camera comes with minimum of 10mtr IR to maximum of 100mtr IR Distance. The Distance mentioned is to capture the image in the night time upto the specific distance but the picture clarity will be depends upon the TV Lines of the cameras.

CCTV IP Camera
- A Network IP Camera is a stand-alone device which allows a user to view live, full motion video from anywhere on a computer network, even over the Internet, using a standard web-browser.

CCTV Speed Dome Camera
- Speed Dome Cameras can move side to side (pan), up and down (tilt), and zoom in and out (zoom). PTZ cameras are controlled either by a remote control, joystick, or computer software.

CCTV Recording Format
- The new industry standard H.264 compression technology is causing a revolution in the Video world, enabling higher quality, lower bit rates, lower system cost and new applications. New H.264 system provides the same low-latency video that has been delivered by traditional MPEG-4 based systems but with a reduction of up to 50% in bandwidth and storage requirement – or to put it another way, H.264 system can deliver significantly higher video quality for the same bandwidth – to save your internet resource (or higher transmission speed) and hard disk place also.

- PC Based Digital Video Surveillance (DVR) PC Based Digital CCTV Surveillance systems are a reasonably new technology in the CCTV Industry. This type of Digital CCTV system works in two stages. You then install the digital cctv surveillance card and software on to your PC. This Software (or program) will allow you to view your Digital CCTV Cameras, search through previously recorded footage, backup footage to CD/DVD, control PTZ Cameras either on the PC system or remotely and much much more.

- DVR is an integrated system which accommodates different combination of multiplexers, quads, video recorders and alarm controllers. This system represents a great step forwards beyond any of conventional analogue surveillance systems. The system not only performs monitoring, motion detection, alarm control and different electric/electronic devices control at the same time, but also stores images from camera into hard disk for playback later.

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You want to install a CCTV Surveillance?

Installation consists of

  • CCTV Camera depends upon Your requirement.
  • Individual Power supply for Every CCTV Camera.
  • CCTV DVR Card Recording means Check your computer Configuration with your Installer.
  • CCTV DVR Recording is recommendable for the places viewing through lan connectivity and the customer needs more importance on the recorded data.
  • Dvr will not comes with Hard Disk you want to select the Hard Disk Drive depends upon your back up days and Format. H.264 Compression is recommended.
  • Wiring if its less than 100mtrs from Dvr to CCTV Camera CCTV 1+3 Cable is recommendable.
  • Wiring More than 100mtrs to 300mtrs from DVR to CCTV Camera RG6 with Power Cable is recommendable.
  • Wiring More than 300mtrs to 1000mtrs from DVR to CCTV Camera CAT5 Cable with UTP Video Transceiver is recommendable.
  • You need Static IP for remote monitoring from anywhere from the world.
  • Installation Charge
Our Surveyors need to visit your Place only to assess the design of the CCTV Video Surveillance that will best fit your needs and give you a competitive quote - not to try and make a sale there and then. We work hard to maintain our high reputation and this is evident by the fact that a lot of our sales come from other customers’ recommendations.