QPDM-1605 DVR Qpix


  • 16 Channel Input & 5 Monitor Output Digital Matrix.
  • 16Cameras x16 DVRs = 256 cameras
  • Each Input Channel could be 4Ch or 8ch or 16Ch max.
  • Supports 1 Main Monitor & 4 Call monitor
  • Main Monitor Displays all 256 Cameras in one screen
  • Optional 1 VGA Output
  • 1 S-Video Output
  • Auto sequential switching by variable Dwell time
  • 1/4/6/9/13/16 split PIP
  • Only one Main Monitor Video cable to be wired from every DVR to Matrix (16 x 1 = 16 cables+1 Data cable)
  • Serial all Data Cable of DVRs to Matrix to control
  • Matrix Supports Qpix DVRs only
  • Control Matrix,DVRs & PTZ cameras (connected to DVRs) through Qpix 3D Joystick Keyboard Model.:QPDK-CTL1 (any number of DVRs can be connected)
  • 3 matrix Units can be connected in 1 group (3Matrix x 256 Cameras = 768 cameras)
  • Additional QPDM-1605 can be connected to the Call monitor O/p of same 16 DVRs/Matrix (Therefore 3 Main Matrix & 3 Call Matrix in 1 group)
  • Specification

    Brand Model QPDM-1605
    Display Input 1 Vp-p with Composite Video Signal (2 Vp-p : if 75 ohms is set off)
    Input of NTSC, PAL Available BNC Jack Input
    Screen Display 1 Vp-p 75 ohms Composite Video Signal BNC Jack Input Analouge non-interlaced RGB. Compatible with TFT LCD Monitor that support 50Hz VGA mode in PAL
    Alarm Input 16 Channel, 5V TTL Level 10K ohms Pull-up
    Alarm Output Relay Contact Capability - AC 125V 2A / AC 250V 1A
    Power Input Voltage 12 V / 6.67A (DC)
    Power Consumption 12 W
    Operating Temperature 0°C - 50°C
    Dimensions 420W x 44H x 335D mm (16.54W x 1.73H x 13.19D inch)
    Weight 3.5 Kg
    Connector Type
    Power DC Jack
    Alarm In Terminal Block
    Alarm Out Terminal Block
    Camera In / Out BNC
    VCR In / Out BNC
    Monitor Out BNC
    RS-232C 9 Pin D-Sub
    VGA Out 15 Pin D-Sub
    Main Monitor 1, Displays All 256 cameras in 1 Screen
    Call Monitor 4, Dispaly 64 Cameras/screen, Switchable
    Resolution Full-Screen Forrmat 720x480(NTSC), 720x576(PAL)
    QUAD Format 360x240(NTSC), 360x288(PAL) PIP
    Insert 180x120(NTSC), 180x144(PAL)

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